New Music: K. Michelle ft. Meek Mill “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart

Child! You all have to forgive me! I have been under the writing weather. In other words my ass has not been inspired to write for the last few weeks.

No! I did not want to write about Kim K’s trash bag ass, nor did I want to write about Solange and her man slaying their wedding. Everybody is already speaking on how they both broke the Internet.

Any who you would be surprised who dusted off my writing cobwebs; none other than that damn K. Michelle.
If you know me you by now than you would know that I have a love/ hate relationship for this woman.

Recently the love side of the relationship has been over powering the hate side. With her new reality show and new music I am here for the change that she is making.
Not being nominated for a GRAMMY must have really pissed in her cheerio’s! It seems that the can’t raise a man singer has stepped her game up.

With a new sound and hotter lyrics she really has me questioning if anyone wants to buy my little heart. Just moments ago AWBAH FT. Meek Mill was supposedly leaked, and honestly I’m quite glad it did!

The reality stars new sound followed up by Meek Mill’s hot bars have me ready to roll my windows down and blast this song in my imaginary drop top. In other words leaked or not K. Michelle has a hit on her hands! Take a listen to the newly released leaked track below!
Are we here for it?

New Music: Kendrick Lamar Says He Still Knows God On New Track “I”

Kendrick Lamar-I

“I done been through a whole lot trials and tribulations but I still know God”

It seems as if Kendrick Lamar has been laying low for a while with new music. However, that short hiatus has come to a close with his new single “I”. The GRAMMY nominated rapper straight out of Compton says “I love myself” on the new upbeat track. Sampling some classic Isley Brothers the TopDawgEnt rapper is making it clear that he is more than a rapper, but a writer.

This new track is definietly not just another rap song. It speaks volume to those of low self esteem and to those who need to learn how to spread love. Way more than average of what we are use to on the radio at the moment, can we get into the direction that Kendrick Lamar is going in? Often times when classics such as this one are made I wonder if some of you would be appreciative of what actually came through your speakers. Yes I just got deep.

Moreover, praise the Lord that we have some new music because I still can’t tell the difference between Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug, Artist on the rise take a listen to the new track and ask yourself “what in the hell makes my music different from others”?


New Music: Stream Luke James’ Debut Album


Luke James fans get a first listen at his highly anticipated debut album. The entire album is available for stream via youtube. Luke must know his sells are going to shoot through the roof because ain’t no way the new kids of the business are marketing this well. I must say since my integrity will not allow me to purchase any bootleg material I will pre-order my copy via itunes.

S/N I should have gotten paid for that plug. However, that is neither here nor there. we have waited long enough for this man’s album and I must say that I am here for it! This ablum makes me want to drop the top on my invisible convertable or go dance on somebody’s rooftop!

Take a listsen to the album in its entirety! I’m here for it, are you?

New Music: Trina “F*ck Love” ft. Tory Lanez

eff love

Trina must really be in her bag, Just like any other heartbroken women in the world she’s screaming f*ck love. I must admit I don’t want to say eff love, I want my knight and shingin armor. However this new track is going to have every girl in the hood smoking black and mild’s and riding past Toni’s hosue your their most down to ride friend.

Go grab your girls, drop the top, and sing your little broken heart’s out to Trina’s new track. Take a listen and tell us what you think. Is Trina discussing French Montana?


New Music: K. Michelle “Love Em All”

love em all

It seems as if K.Michelle’s music is sounding a little more mainsteam. The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta character is back with a new single “Love Em All”. You ever felt like you needed to get up under a new one since the old one let you go? Yeah me either, I was asking for a friend. Anywho that’s what K. Michelle’s new single is giving.

Cause’ they think I love em  but I love em all, I need another one to get over the other one”. We all know that the VSOP singer has had her share of heartbreak and being the crazy chick. Her new anthem tells us all about it.

I’m definitely here for this new sound and even the lyrics. Check out the rebelious soul’s new sound below. Do we love it?

New Music: Jagged Edge “Ready”


Let me make this clear and very clear, everyone who knows me knows that I will take 112 over Jagged Edge any day. However, we have to give credit where it is due. Jagged Edge has dust the cobb webs off of their music career and has hit the streets with a new single “Ready”.

Now these Atlanta men are no strangers to the music industry; and we can all probably agree that they have earned an episode of TV One’s “Unsung”. Their new single “Ready” has me ready to call up the one who got away and make things ok so we can build a family and grab us forty acres and a mule. If you think you’re ready for love like India Arie then go ahead and press play on JE’s new track. I’m here for it, and if you love a good R&B cut this one is for you.

“I won’t be the one that’s fifty and alone, I’mma have my family by my side til I’m dead and gone”

Wait What? :K.Michelle & Lil Kim Go Back And Forth On Twitter About Going Back And Forth On Twitter


Good Lawd! The VMAs and Nicki Minaj’s ass has gotten everybody’s painties in a bunch. During Nicki’s performance last night on the VMAs K. Michelle tweeted about Nicki being the “queen of rap”. Obviously it did not sit too well with the Queen Bee’s (Lil Kim) .

Keep in mind you neither Lil Kim nor K. Michelle attended the VMAs making them both irrelevant at the time. Kind of like Keyshia Cole. However, that is neither her nor there.  Any who, once K. Michelle was bombarded with Lil Kim fans she of course decided to clap back.

Because K. Michelle said f*ck Lil Kim fans it gave no choice but fo Lil Kim to stop breast feeding and chime in on the shade. Take a look at what both of the non VMA performers had to say in there tweets below.

Cleary these two have some type of connection. I guess somewhere in between this petty drama a nerve was struck. Have me feeling like Wale “a post about nothing”. Get it together ladies!




Selfish20s: The Top 7 Countdown


I’m so excited that my favorite friends are helping me countdown the days until I hit a quarter of a century. This particular hitta of mine has lived under the same roof with me; we were roomies in college.

Not too mention that she was one of my first friends at the greatest historically black university; Johnson C. Smith.

Any who, check out my girl Sequoia’s top seven accomplishments since she’s been in her selfish20s.

7. Being able to wake up everyday and continue to live my dreams. Life is too short, today someone didn’t wake up

6.Continuing sisterhoods from college no matter the distance or time

5. Having the gift of creativity and my putting dreams I never knew I had into motion

4. Being able to witness how God not only moved in my life but in the lives of my family members (my four time survivor is awesome)

3. Truly learning to accept my flaws and all.

2. Being able to get two jobs doing something that I love! (I got to buy a new car)

1. Graduating with my BA in Psychology


Selfish20s: The Top Nine Countdown


Meet one of my favorite friend Ivoree Myles! She is currently a graduate student in Los Angeles California at the New York Film Academy. Ivoree is helping me countdown the days until I reach twenty-five years old. Only nine days left until I reach the big 2-5 check out the top 9 accomplishments and blessings that Ivoree has accomplished in the first four years of her selfish20s.



9. Learned money management and how to save.
8. Released toxic individuals out of my inner circle and tended to those friendships I feel are reciprocated with growth and support.
7. Made exercise and healthy eating apart of my lifestyle giving me more energy and strength.
6. Became more generous in my gift giving noticing that those little added touches make your loved ones feel so special.
5. Made meditating on The Lord apart of my daily routine to nurture my personal relationship with Him so that publicly my connection with Him will shine through.
4. Accepted my mistakes in my career and am moving forward to fiercely conquer this newfound field of study.
3. Found the courage to pack up and fly to LA to pursue my Master’s degree in documentary filmmaking.
2. Opened my heart to new friendships and the joy and serenity they bring.
1.Chose three strategies to meet and keep industry professionals in my corner: confidence, charm and impeccable skill set.

Lil Kim Goes Above & Beyond With Nicki Minaj Shade On Social Media


Child! When one rapper gets home from the pen all the rapper chicks get crazy; including the queen bee. Now recently Nicki Minaj hopped on Beyoncé’s “Flawless” for the remix and not too much later Lil Kim the Queen Bee slides right on the remix as well.

Any who, just moments ago the Brooklyn bred rapper took to social media (Instagram) and threw the most shed ever implying that Nicki Minaj stole her identity.

Whew child! And it gets better Lil Kim captioned the photo “be careful what you wish for” #hardcoremixtapeisupnext