Wait What? :K.Michelle & Lil Kim Go Back And Forth On Twitter About Going Back And Forth On Twitter


Good Lawd! The VMAs and Nicki Minaj’s ass has gotten everybody’s painties in a bunch. During Nicki’s performance last night on the VMAs K. Michelle tweeted about Nicki being the “queen of rap”. Obviously it did not sit too well with the Queen Bee’s (Lil Kim) .

Keep in mind you neither Lil Kim nor K. Michelle attended the VMAs making them both irrelevant at the time. Kind of like Keyshia Cole. However, that is neither her nor there.  Any who, once K. Michelle was bombarded with Lil Kim fans she of course decided to clap back.

Because K. Michelle said f*ck Lil Kim fans it gave no choice but fo Lil Kim to stop breast feeding and chime in on the shade. Take a look at what both of the non VMA performers had to say in there tweets below.

Cleary these two have some type of connection. I guess somewhere in between this petty drama a nerve was struck. Have me feeling like Wale “a post about nothing”. Get it together ladies!




Selfish20s: The Top 7 Countdown


I’m so excited that my favorite friends are helping me countdown the days until I hit a quarter of a century. This particular hitta of mine has lived under the same roof with me; we were roomies in college.

Not too mention that she was one of my first friends at the greatest historically black university; Johnson C. Smith.

Any who, check out my girl Sequoia’s top seven accomplishments since she’s been in her selfish20s.

7. Being able to wake up everyday and continue to live my dreams. Life is too short, today someone didn’t wake up

6.Continuing sisterhoods from college no matter the distance or time

5. Having the gift of creativity and my putting dreams I never knew I had into motion

4. Being able to witness how God not only moved in my life but in the lives of my family members (my four time survivor is awesome)

3. Truly learning to accept my flaws and all.

2. Being able to get two jobs doing something that I love! (I got to buy a new car)

1. Graduating with my BA in Psychology


Selfish20s: The Top Nine Countdown


Meet one of my favorite friend Ivoree Myles! She is currently a graduate student in Los Angeles California at the New York Film Academy. Ivoree is helping me countdown the days until I reach twenty-five years old. Only nine days left until I reach the big 2-5 check out the top 9 accomplishments and blessings that Ivoree has accomplished in the first four years of her selfish20s.



9. Learned money management and how to save.
8. Released toxic individuals out of my inner circle and tended to those friendships I feel are reciprocated with growth and support.
7. Made exercise and healthy eating apart of my lifestyle giving me more energy and strength.
6. Became more generous in my gift giving noticing that those little added touches make your loved ones feel so special.
5. Made meditating on The Lord apart of my daily routine to nurture my personal relationship with Him so that publicly my connection with Him will shine through.
4. Accepted my mistakes in my career and am moving forward to fiercely conquer this newfound field of study.
3. Found the courage to pack up and fly to LA to pursue my Master’s degree in documentary filmmaking.
2. Opened my heart to new friendships and the joy and serenity they bring.
1.Chose three strategies to meet and keep industry professionals in my corner: confidence, charm and impeccable skill set.

Lil Kim Goes Above & Beyond With Nicki Minaj Shade On Social Media


Child! When one rapper gets home from the pen all the rapper chicks get crazy; including the queen bee. Now recently Nicki Minaj hopped on Beyoncé’s “Flawless” for the remix and not too much later Lil Kim the Queen Bee slides right on the remix as well.

Any who, just moments ago the Brooklyn bred rapper took to social media (Instagram) and threw the most shed ever implying that Nicki Minaj stole her identity.

Whew child! And it gets better Lil Kim captioned the photo “be careful what you wish for” #hardcoremixtapeisupnext

New Music: KeKe Palmer “Mirror Mirror”


photo: Instagram @KeKePalmer

KeKe Palmer has been doing the damn thing lately! And I am here for everything that she is doing. From her image, to her being a Jill of all trades, to living her selfish20s you can bet your bottom dollar that KeKe Palmer is set to be the next big thing. I mean if you can name it she is doing it!

Talk shows, Broadway plays, movies on the big screen, and now your girl is giving us a piece of something in her new track Mirror Mirror.

Unlike most actresses and actors who attempt to be triple threats KeKe Palmer has great vocal ability and the song is truly a nice ballot if I do say so myself.

She must have had some type of great vocal ability if Broadway called her!

Any who check out the track below! Tell us what you think!

Are We Here For It? :Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Preview Special

sisterhood of hip hop

Well as you all know we have yet ANOTHER reality show coming. And guess what its with all women this time (insert sarcasm here).

Any who, Diamond aka Soulja Boy’s boo aka Lil Scrappy’s Ex aka the girl who rapped really fast on Crime Mob’s first single will be featured on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop.

This reality show will feature the lives of five young girls who are trying to make it as rappers in the big apple. Meanwhile who knew that Tank signed rappers? Take a look at the sneak preview below and let me know if you are here for it!

I guess I’ll be open minded and check it out when season one officially starts. Who knows maybe one of them will have a hit. What I am here for is Briana Perry who is juggling graduating college and pursuing a career in music. I’m always here for education. Any who take a look for yourself.

New Music: Lil Boosie (Boosie Bad Azz) “Crazy”


B-O-O-S-I-E-B-A-D-A-Z-Z is back with a new track. The wipe me down rapper has made his way out of the pen and showed the world.

Now the Baton Rouge native wants to let everyone know that he’s crazy!

Check out the new tunes by your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper below! Tell us what you think.

Vh1 Releases K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul The Musical Trailer


photo: Instagram @KMichelleMusic

Lord! Stop the press! Mona Scott Young knows she is dead a$$ wrong for this Rebellious Soul Musical. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right.

Any who in other news I’m pretty sure you were all aware of K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul The Musical produced by Idris Elba. Recently VH1 released a trailer of the musical that is set to air on Tuesday August 19.

Take a first look at the musical below and tell me if you are here for it. I love some of her ratchet music but an entire musical hmmm I’ll have to think about it.

Selfish20s: The Top Ten Countdown


f you have been following and paying attention than you should be well acquainted with the Selfish20s Brand. If you are not acquainted you can catch up and read Selfish20s. Any who, the 25th anniversary of my birth is vastly approaching; actually 10 days away to be exact.

Because I am heading into a milestone I asked my friends to help me along the way and countdown. However, although my hitta’s are helping me countdown I also asked them to countdown with their personal accomplishments and blessing. Although we are all in our Selfish20s its good to share good times with one another.

Take a look number 10 Shay Bullock of The Life As Shay Report. She’s accomplished a lot in the short five years of her selfish20s!

revolt shay

10. How to stand out in a crowd

9. Graduated from College

8. Moved to LA

7. Discovered my passion and found a way to make it a career

6. Began to  build my brand

5. Made some new friends and loss some old ones.

4. Discovered what makes me unique

3. Learned that it’s most fulfilling to give then to receive.

2. Learned to humble myself and respect the grind

1. I found my voice


Rick Ross Heads To South Beach For New Video “Supreme”

ross video

The “Mastermind” behind the Untouchable Empire MMG keeps it Miami for his new video “Supreme”. The summer jam song gives a top down hair blowing in the wind kind of feel. Which I am definitely feeling by the way.

Ricky Rozay also invites his number one man Meek Mill to cruise the streets of Miami with him for his new visual.

“Tell me how does it feel to be so real”. Check out the visuals below and tell us what you think! It definitely makes me want to grab my bikini and head to south beach! You down?