The Reality Of Reality:How Far Will You Go For Reality TV?


Reality television has become the biggest epidemic in the new millennium. With shows like the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives and even MOB Wives; reality TV has taken over our average programming. In most cases on our favorite reality shows, we watch the reality of people we DO NOT know. Because we come so accustomed to watching others air out their dirty laundry we get sucked into their lives as if they are one of our home girls or home boys. We watch trial after trial and tribulation after tribulation. However, do we ever stop and think “damn its always something”, always some type of drama. Now DO NOT get me wrong drama is what attracts us as viewers.

Any who, raising our eyebrows at some of the story lines of our favorite reality shows, I wonder are these characters compromising their lives for views? We have watched failed marriages in the matter of two episodes, fights, cheating baby daddy’s and more. Life is not suppose to be that damn difficult. With never ending stories of heartbreak, domestic violence, and even abortion; I often think where is sunshine after all of this rain. However, I have come to my own conclusion that there is sunshine; with created rain.

It is in my opinion that these characters compromise their lifestyles for viewing. Again , DO NOT get me wrong, real people have real problems. But there is some type of outcome to these problems. In latest reality news MiMi Faust and fiancé’ Nikki (whoever he is) has aired their dirty laundry. More like dirty sex. I’m pretty sure you all are familiar with her swinging from the best shower rods that home depot could sell. However her sexcapade is not the topic of this post.

MiMi has become a sell out for reality television (as most) and there is no way that anyone could change my opinion. We all know that her scenes on Love & Hip Hop ATL are dry boots without the drama of her child’s father and his side chick turned wife. MiMi and  boo Nikko did not make a sex tape just for their personal pleasures in their relationship, The couple made a full blown produced pornography and sold to Vivid Entertainment (behind Kim Kardashians fame). Like most of us we rooted for MiMi in past seasons as we watched her story unfold. Moreover this pot definitely called the kettle black.

I am not here to ridicule and judge MiMi for her foolish antics, nor can I fix her life like Iyanla; but I can give my opinion. I hope that with this new found sexual success MiMi is happy with her decision. The dumbest responses that I have heard from this situation “they’re getting money though”. There is no amount of money in the world that would make me publicly display my sexual activities with someone who is committed to be a rising star. Like most I would love to publicly display the reality of my life and the steps that I am taking to successfully make it in the media industry. But is compromising my lifestyle worth it for camera time? So I ask the question how far will you go for reality TV?

New Music: Lil Mo’ Goes In On Nicki Minaj’s ” Lookin’ Ass” Track


This R&B Diva is letting you know that she is not just your average church girl from next door. Lil Mo’ is back and is going in. You can bet your bottom dollar that she is not holding her tounge; whether the saints like it or not. We recently watched Lil Mo’ transition from her producer hubby Phillip Bryant to her new boxer boo from Philly.

With stories untold we do not have to wait for the new season of R&B Divas LA to find out of if she is really happy. You can just press play on the link below to hear the super woman singer tell it like it is! Get ready for her heroic return to the music scene with her new mixtape No Shit Sherlock dropping soon.

I’m not mad I’m just going to sit back and watch the saints get their panties in a bunch!

“All up on my IG peakin’, all up on my twitter verse tweakin’, all up on my Facebook freakin’ cause my new n*gga look like he Puerto Rican, that’s right I call him Daddy, that’s right Lil Mo happy”

Video: Lil Boosie ft. Webbie “Show Da World”


As much of you thanked sweet baby Jesus for the safe return of Boosie bad ass; he has a new tune and is showing his appreciation. Lil Boosie is back with a new track and video “Show Da World”. And no we are not talking about a video of ratchet antics that his daughter posted. The Baton Rouge native partners with Webbie and takes a trip around the globe.

The G. Visuals film was shot in the nations capitol Washington, DC, Atlanta GA, and of course Baton Rouge Louisiana. The once on lock down rapper used this video to show his appreciation to everyone who held him down while he was behind bars. The “Show Da World” track also features the R&B vocals of Kiara. Take a listen and first look of the new video and see cameo appearances from some of your favorite artist.

My Black Is Beautiful: Lupita Nyong’o Is The New Face Of LANCOME!

lupita lancome

Lupita Nyong’o is having an amazing year. Not only did  the 12 Years A Slave actress earn her first Oscar, she also landed a Miu Mui campaign. However, the 31-year-old just landed a new endorsement with LANCOME. LANCOME is one of the big three in the cosmetics industry; with LANCOME coming in at number one. You can bet your bottom dollar that they had to be the first to grab Hollywood’s hottest star at the moment.

Not only is Lupita making her mark on Hollywood with her incredible fashions, her flawless brown skin in something that we are all looking foward to seeing at your nearest department store. You can expect to see the LANCOME ads just in time for summer.

Officially named “Brand Ambassadress of Lancome” Lupita states “I am truly honored to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand with such a prestigious history that I have always loved. I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for  women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself.”

Throwback Thursday: Celebs Who Were Poppin’ In Their Selfish20s

Are you hitting a quarter life crisis? Wondering when you will you get your big break? Don’t worry you are not alone; that was said in my best Michael Jackson voice. Any who, don’t give up just yet or at all! Some of your favorite artist had their biggest breakout moments in their 20s. From GRAMMY nominations to GRAMMY winnings, to number albums and singles on the billboard charts. See below for some of the world’s most talented artist who were poppin’ in their selfish20s!

nippyfirstGRAMMY Whitney Houston was 23-years-old when she released her debut album. With hit single like “Saving All My Love” and “You Give Good Love” the New Jersey native was a pop sensation straigh out the gate. “Saving All My Love” made it to number one on the Billboard hot 100 in 1985. In 1986 she won her first GRAMMY for best female pop vocal performance.


At age 22 Mary J. Blige released her debut album “Whats The 411″. Teaming up with Andre Harell and Puff Daddy ( who was 21 at the time) the New York native made her mark on the world as the queen of hip hop soul. Her first single “You Remind Me” and follow up single “Real Love” were both certified gold! “You Remind Me” made it to number one of the R&B singles chart!







Known for his charming ways with the ladies and his birthdays being his worse days Biggie Smalls ran the hip hop streets of Brooklyn. At the of 22 he released his debut album “Ready To Die” in September of 1994. The album hit number three on the R&B Album chart with a hit single “One More Chance” hitting number one on the R&B charts and number two on the pop charts. Biggie was known for quoting his struggle and keeping it real for his listeners to relate. “Wonder why the landlord dissed us, no heat wonder why Christman missed us”.

Every artist had longgevity in this music industry. Although death have taken some of these artist away from reaching their full highest peaks, their legacy still lives on. You were probably classified as a lame if you didn’t listen to these artist twenty plus years ago!  What was your favorite tunes from these artist? One of my all time favs is most definitely “If I Ruled The World” by nas.



Erica Campbell Reaches #1 On The Billboard With A Little “Help”


Every Thursday night on WEtv we watch the “Mary’s” go through ups and downs. We have watched the dynamic duo go from GRAMMY winninigs, number one hits, and baby deliveries in a matter of three seasons. We have also watched how the ladies have taken a break from one another and one sister going on to fulfill her dreams. Erica Campbell announced her solo career during the second season of MaryMary, and I’m sure we all raised our eyebrows because we are not use to seeing one without the other.

Any who its looking like her solo career is working out for her good! With a GRAMMY nomination for “I Need Just A Little More Jesus” to a sould out show at the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, DC. Erica Campbell debuted her first solo album “Help” on March 25 which sparked controversy with the cover art. However, her cover art is neither here nor there because her debut album “Help” is #1 on the Gospel Billboard charts. Can the church say Amen?!

Check out Erica Campbell in her new video with some “Help” from Gospel rapper Lecrae.

What’s New?: Drake “Days In The East”

days in the east
Drake is in his feelings, yet again! His new track “Days In the East” speaks on how he went to Erykah Badu’s house for some lessons on love.
“Remember one night I went to Erykah Badu house; she made tea for me we talked about love and what life could really be for me; she said when the shit is real you just know, and I was thinking about you, you already know” could he have been talking about Rihanna? I would say so@
Not too mention you can hear his so-so boo Rihanna’s “Stay” in the background. Any who check out the new track below. Do we love it?

Update: Rita Ora “I Will Never Let You Down” Track & Video

rita ora

“There’s a million ways to go don’t be embarrassed if you lose control” ! Rita Ora  released a new track that is just in time for spring. You ever hear a song and you just want to let your hair down and pull the top back off the BMW. That’s how I feel right now listening to Rita Ora’s new track “I Will Never Let You Down” except I don’t have the BMW; well at least not yet!

The British hit banger is getting ready for her sophomore album which features “I will Never Let You Down. The 23-year-old is definitely living her selfish20s with this new hit on her hand! Check out the happy go lucky track and video below.

10 Things You Should Do In Living Selfish20s

in living selfish20s

I was always told that my 20s are my selfish years. As you can see I have taken advantage of that in every way possible; and I am only four years into my twenties. Many of you  know that I have shared my selfish20s through social media and even apparel; but I’m no fashion designer. Any who I have composed a list of the opinions of my peers and myself to help those in their twenties navigate through their pursue your passion years! Check it out below!

1. Discover your passion.

Your twenties are your “ figuring it out” years, However you don’t want to waste all of your time figuring it out, so discover whatever it is that will make you happy. When you are passionate about something it will show through your work.

2. Use your networking opportunities.

There are often times when we go to networking events. Most of those times we find ourselves caught up in the free drinks and hors d’oeuvres; so caught up that we missed giving the famous 30 second elevator pitch to a company that you’ve only dreamed of working for. However, keep in mind that all opportunities can be networking opportunities.

3.Don’t waste your time.

There is nothing more precious than time when living your selfish20s. Hence the word selfish, Time is VERY valuable in any aspect of like. Because you are figuring everything out at this point in your life, time should not be wasted! There are only twenty-four hours in a day . Use them wisely.

4.Live more worry less.

Raise your hand if you’re a worry wart? I’m pretty sure most of you just raised your hand; including myself. While living in your pursue your passion years there should be no need for worrying. Better yet, no room for worrying. Your main focus should be to remain focused, If you pray why worry?

5.Rid yourself of all pointless and meaningless relationships.

Just in time for some spring cleaning! What is the point of keeping people around who do not hold any significance to your life? There is no point! Rid yourself of all those who are meaningless to where you are trying to go in. Rid yourself of those who hold you back or keeps pulling your down. That is in both relationship and friendships. Holding on is like playing monopoly; keep going around the board but who actually wins the game? Get my drift?!

Now that we got that deep stuff out of the way lets get into some exciting adventures!

6. Travel! See some city!

There is much more to the world than Miami people, although it is one of my favorite places. However, get those passports stamped! Take a risk and go to another country, make it a learning experience! “Just to be like homie you ain’t up on this”- Kanye West

7. Gather your girls/ boys and go out for an adventurous night on the town!

That doesn’t mean go to your city’s average night club and “turn up”. Head over to the gun range or have a few drinks and play laser tag (you’ll thank me for that one) . Do something out of the normal club hopping. Who knows what you and your friends will discover.

8. Pack up and go!

If the city that you are living in is holding you back from making major career moves pack your stuff and leave. I know its easier said than done but why wait to make a move? You’re young, vibrant, and exciting. Everything will work out you just have to trust your faith.

9. Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself

If the bills are paid and priorities are in order see what your favorite designer has in stock. If you worked hard for it and you have the funds to buy it get it. Hard work PAYS off! And everyone deserves something special every now and then.

10. Fall in and out of love.

I have never been the one for serial dating, nor am I a relationship expert. However, most of my peers have a fear of being lonely or think they won’t find Mr./ Mrs. Right. You have plenty of time to find that person. If it does not work out with one it will definitely work out with someone else. Leave room for healing but be open for love. You never know your perfect match could be right under your nose. But remember although opposites attract you should always be the person you want to attract. (thank me later)

New Music: Alicia Keys ft. Kendrick Lamar “It’s On Again”


Alicia Keys teams up with Compton’s own Kendrick Lamar for some new music produced by Pharrell Williams. The “It’s On Again” track will be featured on The Amazing Spider Man 2 soundtrack that hit stores on April 22, while the movie will hit theaters on May 2.

Kendrick Lamar drops some inspiring hot bars followed by the smooth vocals of Alicia Keys. The are letting us know that the world doesn’t stop, it’s on again!

“And everybody knows the story of David and Goliath but this is bigger than triumph, this is for the warrior this is for you and I this is for Euphoria give me a peace of mind God is recording this won’t you look in the sky” -Kendrick Lamar

Check out the inspiring tune below!