VH1′s “Hit The Floor” Renewed For A Third Season


Let me make things clear for you all, I was here for Hit The Floor during season 1. I loved everything about it. The drama, the men, the suspense, and most of all the dancing. However, this show has gotten me all in my feelings.

I try and tell myself “Gernae this is just TV, why are you so mad sis”? I mean come on now when the hell is someone going to give Y’lena (or however you spell that $h!+). I hope in this third season they beat her up or something, I know it’s just TV but damn she is a big bully.

Any who for all those who are here for this show and all its drama VH1 has renewed the scripted season for a third season. I’m not sure how the writers come up with this crazy stuff but the imagination is everything.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj Pull Out The Big Guns On New Track “Bang Bang”


Two powerhouse vocalist and one controversial rapper come together and go out with a bang. Youtube sensation Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nick Minaj team up for a new hit “Bang Bang”; and no Nicki Minaj is not singing on the track.

The track gives a musical/ glee like feel with strong background vocals. Sounds like something the performing arts choir from Suitland High School would perform during their spring concert. However, I am definitely here for it.

If you ask me they took us to church with the replica of a choir; don’t fake like none of yall been to church before. Word on the street is that the three ladies will perform the hit for the first time on the MTV Video Music Awards, according to HITS Daily Double. I will definitely be tuned in on the 24th of August.

Any who I’m here for this track, are you? Take a listen below and tell us what you think. Meanwhile I’m somewhere going BANG BANG!

New Music: G-Unit “Come Up”


I know that’s right! take me back to 8th grade when everybody was in love with G-Unit. I had to go in my closet and get my red valor sweat suit with G-Unit written across the buttocks.

It seems as if the group we grew to love at one point hopped in the studio and gave us new hit; just in time for the summer. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, even Young Buck, and Kidd Kidd talk about the come up and of course it wouldn’t be right without a sample.

The south side Jamaica, Queens group samples The Gap Band’s “Outstanding” and added their own lyrical twist the 1980′s hit. I wonder what we could be expecting from G-Unit in the future. Possibly a tour? I’m here for it.

Any who, check out the track below and tell me what you think. If you ask me I think it’s smooth; the should definitely shoot the video in queens. Sounds real Jamaica Avenue like.

Why You Mad? :Meek Mill Blast Wale, Shy Glizzy Adds His Two Cents, Wale Responds With An Essay

meek wale

In the words of pregnant Kelly Rowland “Its time to do this dirty laundry”! Meek Mill got his ass on twitter and aired all the MMG business! I know Rick Ross somewhere running around like a chicken with its head cut off in them damn Reebok Classics. Any who, Meek must have gotten his panties all in a bunch because he is mad that his label mate Wale did not tweet or text him about his new album. Now if you ask me Meek pulled some kind of side chick move and got to airing all the business. Now recently things have been looking kind of strange to the trained eye for the untouchable empire; no wale in site. The entire MMG has recently been seem on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out and there were no signs of Wale. Maybe he had another appearance or performance or something. But thats none of my business *sips tea like Kermit*. Any who take a look at Meek’s tweet below.


Meanwhile DC native and head of Glizzy Gang, Shy Glizzy then mentioned Meek in the midst of his twitter rant and said this:


Now, Shy has been hanging tight with Meek in recent months. He even posted a Dream Chasers (Meek’s label) chain a couple of weeks ago on his Instagram.
Wale and Shy are from the same area, some would even go as far as to say that Wale was responsible for putting the him “on”….many would beg to differ.
It seems as if Wale has focused more of his attention on another DC native rapper, Fat Trel, since he signed to MMG at the end of last year. Here’s some more tea though, Fat Trel and Shy Glizzy don’t like each other…at all. Hmmmm, it all seems a little sketch to me.
Just seems like everybody is running with the same crew with secret beefs going on.

But wait! Wale responds! Did he shut Meek Mill up?


Jazmine Sullivan Takes Comedic Approach For New Video “Dumb” ft. Meek Mill


Jazmine Sullivan releases new video for “Dumb” featuring Meek Mill. “Dumb” is the first single from her upcoming third album Reality Show. In the video Jazmine takes a comedic approach in this video as she does a spin on the old reality show ‘Cheaters” with a few made up Muppets making appearances. Check out the video here:

Posted by Imani Joy

Caught Slipping: Black Twitter Goes In On Celebs BET Awards 14′ Red Carpet Looks

Now we all know that the BET Awards is a big family reunion for us black folks! We love everything about it; including our favorite red carpet looks. Whether you were best dressed or just plain ole tacky, black twitter will find a joke out of it some kind of way.

KeKe Palmer slayed the scene and made everybody deal with it in a gold and white Alon Livne piece. However, that did not stop twitter from saying that she favored the white power ranger.

Take a look at KeKe Palmer and other celebs that black twitter clowned.




Kelis Goes Back In Time For Grey Ant Ad!


Kelis is known to be iconic in the fashion world; especially with her hot short cuts or her “I hate you so much right now” big curly fro. IN a recent Grey Ant ad Kelis has taken a different approach with her style. The so bossy artist has gone back in time to the 60′s and is giving the world what I like to call a “Motown review” look! I am definitely living for it (especially since I lived in the 60′s in another life).

The new eyewear for Grey Ant also gives you a classic look with its very chic cat eye frames and also what I like to call my Grandmother’s glasses. Whether you are throwing shade or rocking a prescribed pair, you are sure to stop the show in these bad boys!

Kelis stepped it up ten notches by adding the 60′s flair that will take you and your mother back in time. With big hair that screams “Berry Gordy let me twirk something and sign me to Motown” look they stylish Mama does this eye wear for Grey Ant justice. Let’s go back in time and take a look at the flawless photos below.

Do we love it?


KEKE Wyatt Goes GLAM For BE Magazine!


KEKE Wyatt aka KooKoo Wyatt is known for having one of the best voices in the industry as we speak. Known as “the girl who sings with Avant” has come into her own. The R&B Diva has been giving us crazy faces and power house vocals for the last three seasons of R&B Divas that airs on TV One.

The soulful songstress opens up to BE Magazine about her wild character on R&B Divas, her new EP , and her Gospel roots. Check out what the diva had to say below.

So of course, you’re quite the controversial character on R&B Divas Atlanta. How has it BEen watching the season? 

The 1st episode made me cry BEcause they didn’t really show everything, but it’s ok, they’re not going to turn me into Nicci GilBErt. I love Nicci, but whatever…I’m Miss Ketara Shavon Wyatt & I’m gonna do my thang & if people don’t like it, don’t watch, I don’t give a d@mn.

This Keke EP was completely done for the fans & is like another baby for you…how do you feel about the project? 

Oh my God. I literally gave birth to this child. [laughs] It’s very intimate & personal. It;s very me, inside and out. I just feel that this here is going to let people know who Keke really is. From the BEginning, I feel like people always put me in this R&B box & that;s not all there is to me. I’m a bowl of gumbo. I have everything. I’m country, so naturally so, I love to sing country. And then, I love hip hop, I love rock, I love pop. Y’all know I love R&B and I adore gospel. This EP is pretty much giving the people all the different Keke’s inside of me.

I heard you mention you adore gospel; you have some big gospel things coming up too right? 

I just redid “Great is Thou Faithfulness”, which was my grandmother’s favorite song. She used to sing it to me when I was a little girl & would have me sing it back to her & she died, so of course that song is very special to me. You guys will Be hearing that on the gospel stations real soon.

Read the full story at BeMagazine.Me

I must say that I am definitely ready to get my good ole life to “Great Is Thou Faithfulness”. Yes Lawd! Anywho check out some of KeKe’s glammed up look shot by Alex Rogers.

keke wyattkekewyatt2kekewyatt3

Ludacris, Mack Wilds, & Sevyn Streeter Help Local D.J. Celebrate 20 Consecutive Years On The Air !


If you were raised in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia aka the D.M.V then you know DJ Flexx as the voice of the city. Last night WPGC 95.5 celebrated twenty years with their annual birthday bash celebration at The Howard Theatre. Not only did the station commemorate their years on the air waves but special recognition was shown to DJ Flexx.

Although WPGC is known for some of broadcastings finest such as Donnie Simpson, Big Tigger and the late David Haynes, DJ Flexx is the only DJ to remain on the air for twenty consecutive years. Celebs such as Future, D.C.’s own Raheim Devaughn, MC Lyte, and Doug E. Fresh congragulated the “get in the water ” DJ for his loud voice that was made for radio and the impact that he made on the community  Not too mention a full crank session with Lissen Band, Rare Essence, DJ Kool, and Dirty Ricco.

dj flexx

Ludacris made his way to “disturb tha peace” with some of his greatest hits; including the BET Uncut hit “Pu**y Poppin’. If you are wondering the whole crowd got their entire life; including myself. Mack Wilds also showed us how he owned it with a special performance. Sevyn Streeter, K Camp, and Tinashe were also there to perform some of the summer’s hottest tunes.

Any who,The Gernae Adele Show salutes DJ Flexx for twenty consecutive years on the air! NOW EVERYBODY RIDE OUT!

mack wilds

sevyn streeter

Photos: ( DJ Heat/ WPGC wpgc.com)

Reality Ish: R&B Divas LA Season 2 First Look !


Are we here for it? The cast of R&B Divas LA are back for another season; and it looks like it will be full of drama. As most of you know the very booked Kelly Price and under booked Dawn of En Vouge will not be returning. No shade, but we were not really here for Dawn’s boring story line and we didn’t want to see Kelly Price be a big bad wolf. We would much rather hear her sing.

Any who, two new comers have hopped on the band wagon. The very soulful and GRAMMY Award winning Chrisette Michelle has joined the cast. In my opinion she didn’t need this show. Any who Leela James has also joined the cast. I know you all are wondering who is going to bring all the drama. Take a look at the season 2 teaser and tell us who you think will bring the drama. Now that Kelly Price is gone let’s see who we will point fingers at this season.